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Frequently asked questions

How to place an order?

To place an order please email [email protected] and I will respond as soon as possible. Please mention as many details as you can:

- Which date is the cake for?

- What is the occasion? Who is the cake for?

- How many portions will you require?

- What flavour would you like?

- What is the idea or preferred design for the cake?

- Any allergies/special dietary requirements/taste preferences?

Don't worry if you haven't decided on a specific design. You can send me the images of your choosing for inspiration. These can be outsourced images of artwork, landscapes, flowers, gardens, or photographs from your personal archives that I can use as a reference in my design. Please be advised that I will not copy other cake artist's design and would only consider using their work as an inspiration.

Do you cater for people with food allergies and food intolerance?

I can offer some alternatives if you have a particular food allergy. Please let me know the details on initial enquiry so that I can advise on the possible allergen-free options.

Please note that all products are made in a kitchen that handles allergens including NUTS, GLUTEN/WHEAT, DAIRY, EGG and SOYA. Even though I have strict measures in place to prevent cross-contamination, I cannot guarantee that the final product doesn't contain traces of allergens. If you have a severe allergy or food intolerance I recommend sourcing the cake maker who specialises in catering exclusively allergen-free options.

Regrettably at the moment I do not offer gluten free or vegan cakes.

Do you maker buttercream covered or semi-naked cakes?

Regrettably I don't offer the cakes covered in buttercream or semi-naked cakes. All my cakes are covered with a premium quality freshly prepared chocolate ganache. I can also offer fondant covered cakes that are primed for stability with a dark, milk or white ganache.

When do I need to order?

For the occasion cakes it is best to order at least 3 weeks in advance. For the wedding cakes I recommend booking a wedding cake as soon as your venue is confirmed. I try to accommodate all orders depending on availability and complexity of the cake. However, if you left it too late, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to discuss the possibility of taking on an urgent request. Please keep in mind that minimum notice I require is 48 hours to enable me get necessary fresh ingredients, produce a design and have enough time for the baking and decorating process.

Changes to your order

Alterations to the size/design are possible. It is however subject to availability, my discretion and extra fee. The following charges in case of cancellations apply:

- up to 14 days prior to the collection/delivery day - deposit amount of 50% is retained

- later than 14 days prior to the collection/delivery - full amount is retained

On rare occasions I will allow a change of the date and the possibility of carrying the payment forward. Subject to availability.

How much will the cake cost?

I have a minimum spend of £100 on my cakes and a final cost is calculated and individually quoted once the date and requirements have been agreed on. Total price will depend on the size and complexity of the design.


To secure your booking I require a deposit of 50%, which is non-refundable and non-transferable. Full outstanding balance is due no later than 14 days prior to the delivery/collection date. I accept cash and bank transfer payments. By paying the non-refundable deposit you are accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by TaDo Bakery UK.

Can I collect the cake?

You can collect your cake from my premises unless it has more than 2 tiers or particularly complex structure/details that require special transportation set up. Delivery is subject to availability and an extra delivery fee. Date and time of the collection/delivery must be agreed in advance. 

Cake transportation

Please be advised that unlike shop bought cakes TaDo Bakery cake is a delicate product. When collection is arranged by the customer TaDo Bakery holds no responsibility for the condition of the cake once it has left my premises. When transporting the cake yourself please follow these simple but very important tips to ensure it arrives at the destination in its original shape and without damage to the decor. 

- Don't tilt the cake box when carrying it and only hold the cake box from the bottom - never from the sides. Same goes for lifting the cake - carefully slide your fingers under the bottom of the cake box and lift it without tilting it excessively. 

- Transport the cake on a flat level surface (Footwell of a front passenger seat is best if it's warm outside. Otherwise in the boot of your car). Don't transport your cake holding it on your lap or on top of a passenger seat as it may result in the cake sliding off or becoming misshapen. 

- To minimise the sliding and moving of the cake box you can place it on a non-slip mat. If the cake is transported in the boot you can even use a yoga mat for that purpose.  

- Keep the temperature cool in the car. Keep the heating off in winter. If the weather is warm keep the air conditioner on. 

- And the last, but not the least. Drive as carefully as you possibly can. Go gently through the corners, roundabouts and speed bumps. Keep your distance from the cars in front of you. And if worse come to worst and you have to perform an emergency stop, hopefully, the precautions mentioned above will save you from disaster.

Can you make a cartoon/animation/movie themed cake?

I don't make cakes that depict trademarked or copyrighted characters. If you want Batman, Roblox, Moana, Minion, Star Wars or any other famous character cake - I am not your guy. I realise that many parents would want the cake with their child's favourite character or some customers may wish to have a cake with a famous designer brand, sports team or logo. And although on some occasions it is possible to take a theme and create an artistic interpretation of it, any requests to use copyrighted designs and images will be declined. Where possible I will ask for the special permission or buy a licence from the artist/brand/image owner. Please note that this can not always be possible or financially justifiable.

Because it is an infringement of copyright to copy and reproduce character images/logos/designs without express permission from the brand and image owner, there are serious legal implications if you are charged with copyright and trademark infringement. Please note that as a customer purchasing an unlicensed product you may also be liable for copyright infringement.


I always strive to achieve a perfect service by following health and safety guidelines, working closely with customers whilst fulfilling their requests, and taking on board any suggestions on how to improve my services. If you have any concerns about the product's appearance, please contact me upon collection/delivery to present an opportunity for us to resolve an issue where possible. 

If you have a complaint regarding the quality of the cake, 75% of uneaten cake must be returned within 48 hours from the moment of collection/delivery for me to be able to assess the nature of the complaint and investigate.